Friday, August 19, 2011

Lakefront Bridge Burner Special Reserve Ale

Beer: Lakefront Bridge Burner special reserve ale
Aroma: It has a really complex aroma, with a lot going on. I’m smelling some light roast, chocolate, and some coffee. The hops are really up front though, with some piney aroma coming out stronger than anything else. There is also a pleasant fruit smell that isn’t citrus or dark cherry, maybe some esters from fermentation. On top of this I detect a really slight hint of ethanol smell and maybe even licorice.

Taste: Hops smack my taste buds up front, followed by chocolate. When I was burying my nose in the glass I was looking forward to the inevitable assault on my tastebuds from all of the complex dark malts. But upon first tasting, the hops dominate early on. It finishes kind of malty and dark in flavor, but the hoppiness is still the dominant flavor.

Mouthfeel: Pretty thin for a beer this big. Makes it easier to go down.

Worth a try?: Yep. It’s a little boozy but they are heavy handed enough with the hops to cover it.

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