Saturday, September 3, 2011

Magic Hat #9

Beer: Magic Hat #9

Aroma: I’ve probably had 50 of these beers. My wife loves them, as well as everything magic hat produces, and I kind of have to agree. I pour one of these into a glass and its gone before I realize it. But I’ve never taken the time to look deep into this beer. I’m sticking my nose deep in this thing. I accidentally inhaled some into my nostrils. And yet all I can get is this damn apricot flavor. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t that interesting. I don’t usually smell this beer when I drink it, and this is why. I’m getting nothing.

Taste: Light, refreshing, slight hop bite, maybe some crystal malt, and that damned apricot. Its real easy to drink, my glass is half empty and I’m not sure how that happened. This beer doesn’t have much. It all kind of comes together to make a refreshing taste where nothing but apricot comes to the front. I would say this is a good session beer because I think I could down a sixer easy... if my wife didn’t call dibs on all our magic hat.

Mouthfeel: I wouldn’t call it tart, but its kind of dry.

Worth a try?: Not something I would take to a beer tasting, but I would certainly pick some up for a rainy day.

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