Thursday, May 5, 2011

Arrogant bastard w/ green lentils and zucchini

So here's the deal, beer reviews usually involve appearance, aroma, taste, mouthfeel, drinkability, and an overall impression. I don't care what a beer looks like. It can have little pieces of child floating in it. Taste and aroma are all I care about. Drinkability is a fancy word for easy to drink. If I like the taste of a beer... it is drinkable.
If you want people with "evolved" palates, who can pinpoint which season a hop was grown in and which country the brewery got their two-row from, look elsewhere. I(like the majority of beer drinkers) don't have a trained palate and I don't plan on pretending to have one.

Beer: Arrogant Bastard Ale

Smell: Slight piney hop smell, but not in your face. Deep burnt sugar is forefront in the smell, they definitely use a higher levibond crystal malt or something like that in it. I really like the aroma of this beer, it has to warm up though. The burnt sugar smell is a little off-putting when its really cold.
Taste: At first there is a slight warming estery flavor, very slight. Then comes the malt and dark sugar flavors together like slap in the dick. There is a definite amber flavor to the beer as well.  The hop flavor comes in after the malt. I wouldn’t say the hops are bright or aromatic, and the bittering hops are definitely stronger than the flavor and aromatic hops. The malty, caramel and burnt sugar flavor is really good and really balances out the hops.Its called arrogant bastard and it is bastardly in every since of the word. The taste stays in your mouth long after you put the glass down. Love it.
Mouthfeel: Relatively dry considering the malty taste to the beer.
Worth a try?: If you are the kind of person who likes strong bitterness with a deep malty backbone, you are probably already a craft beer enthusiast and have tried this. It is a really popular beer so if you are into craft beer at all and haven't tried an arrogant bastard then you need to get off your ass, its four bucks a bomber. If you love over the top IPAs with a shit-ton of bitterness and no malt backbone to balance them out, I would try their ruination IPA. Otherwise, this is your beer.

Lentils: Green Lentils and zuchinni with basil, thyme, and garlic

Taste: Chewy and a little bland… the zuchinni is good.

I really like arrogant bastard. I bought several of these a couple months ago and was excited about it. I thought this was a good beer to do my first review of. I also threw together some lentils.. gonna eat these... every day...

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