Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beer: Good People Brewing’s Barrel Aged Coffee Oatmeal Stout
Aroma: Lots of roast, and dark chocolate. It almost has  a bittersweet chocolate smell. Maybe even peat smoked aroma? Bittersweet chocolate dominates once the beer warms up.

­Taste: Bittersweet chocolate and lots of it. That is actually the only strong flavor I taste. Roast, toast, smoke, and dark chocolate may be in the nose, but its not in the taste. It has some really faint tannins but is still really smooth.

Mouthfeel: Ok.. here is the beer’s saving grace. This beer is a special batch made by good people brewing company of my home state. I really wanted to like this beer… but its only ok…. except for the mouthfeel. It was really creamy with a head that probably would have stayed for days on end. Although I will admit the carbonation was overdone as evident by the picture.

Worth a try?:Alabama has some goofy ass laws, like say, you can sell kegs but you can't sell beer in bottles greater than 16 oz. in most counties. So Good People Brewing has a county line ales series. This is a throwback to the days when most of alabama was still dry and people needed to drive to their county line to pick up beer. There is one county near their brewery that doesn't have these antiquated laws, so they produce 10 gallon batches of random experimental beers and release them to this one fucking gas station every now and then. If you wait till a couple days after the release they are usually sold out and that is with limiting the sales to two per customer. I have tried a couple of the old ones and they were some good shit. I tell you all this to explain the theory and history behind the beer. Honestly, I could've just made up some shit about how awesome it is because there are only 50 bombers in existence, so how would you fuckin know if it was good or not. But in the interest of integrity I will be honest, it wasnt very good. Overcarbonated(see picture) and a weird astringent taste. In any case, good people normally produces good stuff and one bad beer wont scare me away from them.

Lentils: Lentil Munchies
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